Friday, December 31, 2010

In the New Year....

Just before the holiday break, I was chatting with Melissa at My words and pages on Twitter about blogging resolutions for the New Year. 2010 has been a year filled with (blogging) ups and downs, but mostly gave me much more experience in this great online community. For 2011, I'm looking forward to more reading, "meeting" more great people and blogging lots :-)
I have been a bit neglectful of consistent blogging over the last several months. Though it's been for a good reason, I feel I could do better. I've been tossing around a few ideas in my head that will maybe make next year a more streamlined, entertaining (?), and book filled year.

Meme idea: "Guilty Pleasures" - You know you should be doing something else: house work, taxes, feeding the kids a healthy meal, or in my case, studying for school (on top of all the other things mentioned :-p ) but there's a book that you've been reading that you just can't put down! I want to share my guilty pleasure reading and hear about yours too!

More unique review style, new elements:
1-First impressions- Maybe something interesting about the cover, my initial reaction to the style of writing or where the book starts in a story?

2-Lasting impressions - Will I put this book down but still have part of it stick with me? There are lots of books that I remember certain "scenes" from but of course, not all have a lasting effect.

Reading challenges:
While I've had the intention of getting involved with challenges that are out there in the blogging world, I think it's better just to challenge myself. This year I will attempt to read 5 more books than last year. I will also attempt to read more of the books I've bought and have been totally excited about but are not 'review' books and trust me there are tons of books lying around my place that fit this category :-o

I seriously need to spend some quality time alphabetizing or organizing my books but genre or my mood or whatever, but right now, many are hidden from my view, lol. In order to accomplish this, I'll definitely have to invest in more bookcases....

These are my book blogging resolutions. I have other personal ones that mainly include living healthier and having lots of fun, new experiences with my daughter. How about you? Have you made specific bookish resolutions? Make sure you pop over to Melissa's blog too and share them there.

Hope everyone has a great, productive and happy 2011!


Aleetha said...

hope your plan run well
happy new year

Jackie said...

@Aleetha - Thank you! You too :-)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hey Jackie! Thank you! :) It has been one heck of a year.

I like the resolutions. And I really like the idea of Lasting Impressions. I've thought about something along those lines too. There are those books that you finish but for some reason the story sticks with you in the back of your mind. You just think about it. Even if the book isn't a 5 star read. :) I've had a few of those. But I didn't know if I would be able to come up with enough of them to keep the post going. :) But it sounds like a great idea. :)

I do hope you have a wonderful New Years! And a safe one as well. :) Talk with you again next year friend. :)

Jackie said...

Melissa - I think my "lasting impressions" idea will be more like will anything from it stick with me and if so, what part?. Some books are definitely forgettable reads, unfortunately.

We'll be talking next week I'm sure, lol. Hope you and your family have a happy, healthy and prosperous...not to mention, bookish...New Year :-)

Fiction Vixen said...

Happy new year!!!

Jackie said...

Thank you! You too :-)

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