Review Policy

If you are a publisher, publicist, or author and would like me to review a book, please take a few moments to review my guidelines, as follows:

I accept ARCs as well as previously released books. I do not review e-books as a rule but will consider it on special request.

I will review books within 1-2 months of receipt. If you have a specific deadline in which you would like a review posted, please let me know. I try to to post ARC reviews during the first week of their release.

I have fairly eclectic taste in books. Preferred genres are fiction, including general fiction, YA, paranormal fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery/thriller. I would consider romance, chick-lit and non-fiction on a case-by-case basis.

I will review your book honestly, which means I reserve the right to post a glowing review, a less then favorable review or none at all. If I am unable to finish your book I will pass it on to another blogger & contact you with my explanation.

In addition to posting my reviews here, on my blog, I am open to posting on and/or,,, and I will also post the review link on Twitter and, in addition to emailing it to book provider.

Please note that all posts contained on my site represent my own personal opinions and consist of original work, written by me. The exception to this are quotes and excerpts provided by authors, publishers and/or publicity agents, which are indicated as such. If anyone wishes to use the content within my blog, they must request permission from me before re-publishing (this permission is implied only to those that I have agreed to review books on behalf of.)

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to working with you!

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