Friday, May 13, 2011

And in Book Related News...

In 2009, one of my earliest reviews here was Jess Walters' The Financial Lives of Poets, a fun yet sad look at a down and out writer that gets caught up in a "business" (drug) far from his ideal (financial advice provided with the back drop of poetry and prose). It has been announced that Walters has penned the screen play for the film adaptation and will star Jack Black. This is an interesting casting choice, considering I pictured the main character to be a tall, lanky man...but I'm sure the filmmakers aren't concerned with my inner vision of the character. Read the Hollywood Reporter for more details.

It will be interesting to see Jack Black in this role, bringing his own brand of humour to a story that certainly wasn't lacking in laughs to begin with. I'll be keeping my eyes out for this one.


Here in Canada, we recently experienced some upheaval in the book distribution and publishing area. First, we had Key Porter close it's doors, followed closely by H.B. Fenn, the distributor of books from Tor, Disney and many, many other imprints out there.

It was recently announced Hachette Book Group Canada will be the new distributor and sales source for future releases from the Disney Book Group. This is a positive sign that Canadians won't be left without access for long to the titles formerly dealt with by Fenn.


The 2011 Locus Award Finalists have been selected, with the winners to be announced June 24-26 in Seattle, WA. And I'm happy to report that two of my favourite authors are included among the finalists: Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven is up for the Fantasy Novel award and Holly Black (along with Justine Larbalestier) are in the running for their Anthology Zombies and Unicorns. The Locus Awards highlight offerings from the Science and Fantasy genres. Click here for a complete listing of categories and finalists on the Locus website. I'll be crossing my fingers for Kay, Black, and Larbalestier to bring home the awards!


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