Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: Hounded by Kevin Hearne

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Thanks to Caroline from The Secret HEA Society (and also one of my co-horts at Book Lovers Inc.), Kevin Hearne's book Hounded was put on my radar. I am now fast becoming one of Kevin's biggest fans!

Based on Caroline's recommendation, I borrowed the audio book from the library to start me off. This is a truly fantastic audio book! Read by Luke Daniels, the characters really come alive, especially Oberon, who is my personal fave (though Atticus is definitely no slouch either!) But more than how it was read, it's the what that was being read that made this book one of my faves in a long time.  After starting it, I ran right out and bought my very own print copy, along with Hexed, in preparation.

Kevin's story works on the premise that if one particular myth(ology) is true, then they all must be. This isn't necessarily different from other authors, but Kevin presents this with a mix of historic references, geeky gamer and movie mentions, and classic lore, topped off by humourous twists. Atticus, the main character, has lived a long time but makes the effort to blend into current social settings, which lends him the material to poke fun at pretty much anything. 

And, as I said before, Atticus' dog, Oberon, was a huge part of why I loved this book so much. Oberon is a simple creature, driven by base urges (mostly sausages and French Poodles), but with his training as a communicative dog, he has the best comebacks. His sublimely ridiculous obsession with Genghis Khan and the desire to "raise a horde" to conquer something...anything...made me want to immediately go out shopping for an Irish Wolfhound! Oberon was the perfect blend of intelligence and loyalty that is surely requisite in the description of "man's best friend".

Hounded had all the elements I love, from the Irish mythologies at its core, to no small amount of wit and irony. I very much look forward to reading the rest of the books in the Iron Druid series, and will most definitely feel a loss when I reach the end (thankfully, there's always the ability to re-read them :-) Normally, I don't rate books here (it feels too restrictive to assign numbers rather than a detailed opinion, to me) but I'd give Hounded a 6 out of 5 rating for entertaining me thoroughly and causing several near car crashes as I was blinded by tears of laughter. An awesome debut release!


Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

hahaha & you don't normally like dogs! I know you keep raving about this new author,I guess I need to check him out too so we can discuss :)

Jackie said...

Definitely! You'll love him, too. As for the dog, it would probably double as a horse for me :-p

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Alright. Now you already knew I wanted this book. This is just pure torture for me to read this great review. ;) Thank you! Sounds amazing.

Jackie said...

@Melissa - Truly, though, if you don't have time to read it, audio is a great option here. Great writing AND great vocal characterizations; it's win/win, lol. The books are about 300 pages each, in paperback. I'm sure you could squish them in ;-)

pattepoilue said...

Great review hon! And YAYY!!! I'm so happy you feel the same way I do about it. *g*
*happy dance*

This audiobook + the story = AMAZING

Ryan G said...

I so want to read this one. I've seen it around for a while now and every review I read makes me want it even more. Thanks for the review.

Jackie said...

@Caro - Thanks again for recommending it! I can't wait to read Hexed; I have it but have to get a couple of other books done too.

@Ryan - I think you'll definitely enjoy it. And, did you know? I have a contest for Hounded and Hexed up right now....because I think everyone should read these books! (at least fans of UF and humour, anyway) Thanks for stopping by.

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