Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink

With time dwindling but her will to end the Prophecy stronger than ever, Lia sets out on a journey to find the remaining keys, locate the missing pages of the Prophecy, and convince her sister Alice to help--or risk her life trying. Lia has her beloved Dimitri by her side, but Alice has James, the man who once loved her sister--and maybe still does. James doesn't know the truth about either sister, or the prophecy that divides them. And Alice intends to keep it that way. 

There are some secrets sisters aren't meant to share. Because when they do, it destroys them. This stunning conclusion to Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy will make saying good-bye bittersweet for readers.

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Circle of Fire is the last book in the Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy, and it was something I had long been waiting for. It is a strange thing though, when you have been anticipating a book like this for so long but when you begin to read, the realization hits that this is truly the end. Such was the case as I read through this book. Initially, I read at such a slow pace, I thought I would never finish! I couldn't keep it up for long, as I really needed to see how things would play out between Lia and Alice.

Part of my enjoyment with this series stemmed from familiar elements that I love built right into the story (standing stones, mystical worlds, etc.). There were also new places, new wonders to be discovered this time around. In Circle of Fire, we get to travel to Ireland, to a series of underground caverns (cairns) and see the ingenuity of people from long, long ago. I've said it before, I love learning about "real" things from fictional books. Thank you, Michelle Zink, for furthering my education!

Beyond that, Zink created a perfect balance in the relationship between the twin sisters throughout all three books. Alice was a character we saw only in periphery (through Lia's eyes), but she was such an enigma. She was portrayed with such evil in her but, at times, her sisterly love shone through, even if it was only for a moment. The author did a fantastic job of getting these feelings across to the reader that you couldn't help but be a little torn for Alice, especially here in this last installment.

The other relationship that was clarified in this book was that of Lia and James. I was surprised and a little disappointed in Guardian of the Gate by the appearance of Dimitri; James had been such a big part of the Prophecy of the Sisters, yet one that needed further development beyond the first book. All in all, I think Zink handled all of the inter-connections very well. Things were as they should be in the end.

In Circle of Fire, there were a few characters that returned in the storyline that hadn't appeared since the first book. This was my biggest challenge in this reading, because of the time in between all of the books. Mostly, it was the shortcomings of my horrible memory, but I'm going to take it as the perfect excuse to re-read all of the books, back to back in the near future and be able to glean the significance of these re-appearing characters.

While the ending for me seemed a bit sudden, it was again, probably just my reluctance to say goodbye to a much loved story. Michelle Zink did an artful job of spinning an engaging tale and keeping my interest throughout the series. The conclusion left me completely sated yet anxious to read whatever the author writes in the future.


Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I saw the authors name and wondered if it was that series with the girls. And it is. :) I remember hearing about the first book and good things of it. But wasn't sure it would be for me. But sounds great and to see you enjoyed it so. :) Thanks

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