Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Highland Heat by Mary Wine

I usually offer the book description here, but that was posted with my interview of Mary Wine, so I'll just get into my review now:

From the moment of my birth, the "differences" between the Scottish and the English have been impressed upon me, to no end. And although I'm born and bred of lowlanders, the loyalty, pride, patriotism, however you wish to name it, is in every Scot on the planet! So, it was interesting for me to see these ideals put into print by Ms. Wine. Truly, with the number of times she refers to the highland credo, I think we may be sympatico in our heritage.

The conflict (and I use this term due to the hotheadedness of the heroine) between the main characters, Deirdre and Quinton, is introduced early. Like a slow tease, we feel their pull towards each other. In my mind, though, I was thinking, "Get to it already!!" But, with all things, the more you have patience, the greater the reward, right?

Highland Heat is a great peek into a tumultuous time in Scotland's history, highlighting clan differences and political struggles well. For fans of historical fiction, this definitely has it merits. While the English/Scottish factor has its place in the story, it isn't as big a part of the story as the struggles between the clans themselves. Being the backdrop to the romance, this adds a great dimension, making you feel the seeming utter hopelessness of Deirdre's future, as a woman in a "man's world".

Kudos to Mary Wine for creating a strong female role, that was willing to risk her life rather than submit, but also for an equally singleminded male character that could go toe-to-toe with such a woman. Highland Heat is a great read featuring the boldness of the Highland man and the stubbornness of the Highland woman, which when combined creates an unstoppable force.


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