Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays

Here's a meme hosted by He Followed Me Home that talks about how books transform our own lives into something different as we read them. When I was younger (and very shy) books were how I dealt with life; I didn't have to deal with real people if my head was in a book. Now, that I'm older and better equipped to deal with the big, bad world, I use books to take me away to a different time/place when actual travel or change of circumstance isn't possible. It's a freedom from the mundane experience of every day life.
This week I'm a princess in a feudal society of the future. The world had become so technologically advanced and overrun with demons that a third world war changed everything, causing the people to revert back to an early way of life (with some magical tech gadgets thrown in.) I've been exposed to court life, with grand ballrooms and princes, etc., and had to flee for my life as my castle was overthrown by the opposers to this "new" way of life. (Coincidentally, I now have a moat in my real life residence. In truth, it's the water tank and air conditioner that have been leaking causing a flood towards the drain which I have to jump over to reach my basement digs, but it adds to the castle illusion, don't you think?)
As my personal moat dries up and I'm nearing the end of Demons of the Past, I look forward to my next adventures as a forensic anthropologist and a teenage singer (not in the same book;-))
Where did your book(s) take you this week? Post a comment and a link on your own blog to this post to let me know and pass on the word. Happy adventuring!


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