Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Everyone loves contests! And I'm glad to offer them to my wonderful viewers...

Here is a list of giveaways that I'm featuring on my blog:

5 copies of Charlaine Harris' From Dead to Worse (open to Canadian addresses only)
Help me reach 100 Contest! featuring Hush, Hush and Beautiful Creatures and winners choice at Book Depository. Contest update: I've gotten past the 100 mark and am working towards 150 now!

There are some other great contests out in the blogosphere, too:

He Followed Me Home has an ARC + swag up for grabs for Judith Graves' Under My Skin

Book Bound is hosting a fantastic YA contest here:


Kerri said...

I'm the same - I'm always buying more and more books. I buy way faster than I can read.

seolmara said...

I know what you mean Kerri, my TBR pile is huge (and did yo notice there are no titles in my list? Lol. I need way more time to update it)

Alexia561 said...

I know what you constantly buying new books faster than I can read them. Have gotten better at borrowing books from the library instead of buying them, but every now and again there's a book I loved so much that I have to have my very own copy! *L*

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