Thursday, September 3, 2009

Word Verification Balderdash, week 4

Here's my fourth installment of the weekly meme, hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey through a world of books.
To play along just take the word verifications you get when making comments on other blogs and make up definitions for them (these would be for the non-words we come across.) Then link back to me here and show me what you've come up with.
This is what I've come up with for this week:
Lonetas - a mid-1980's crime fighter who got his name from riding around solo wearing his Bon Jovi-esque tasseled leather jacket. His exploits in his small northern town have become world renowned. Since his retirement at the end of the glam-rock era, his jacket has been housed next to Liberace's cape and Elvis' white jumpsuit in Vegas
indum - the state of being that arises when a person is holding a conversation then totally forgets what they were talking about...wait, what was I saying?
nifixi - the non-action word describing the moment you discover your spouse on the sofa watching TV instead of repairing any broken household item that should have been attended to the hour/day/week before
erwed - the pause that a groom takes at the altar while clearing his throat and very quickly rethinking the whole marriage thing before finally being convinced to say "I do" (usually as a result of the bride's glare or light punch to the ribs)
And there you have it folks. I'm pretty sure that's Webster's phoning me right now to have these added. What new "words" have you discovered this week?


Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

lol, good words!

Sadly I can totally relate to indum! Better tha then erwed I guess, lol

Alexia561 said...

Uh-oh, pretty sure I suffer from Indum! And hear I thought I just wasn't listening to myself talk. *L* Wonder if I can go on medical leave for this?

Great week! I'm really getting a kick out of everyone's words every week. You guys are way too clever for me! :)

Here are my words for the week.

Jackie said...

See? Indum is a universal problem, lol.

Alexia, I saw your words and my daughter is always asking for morsup! Great job ;-)

Laughing Stars said...

I love it! :-)

Ryan G said...

OMG! Lonetas was one of my heroes growing up. I'm so excited that you brought him back to my memory. I'm going to have to dig up all of his comic books I still have in storage.

Great Words this week!

bookjourney said...

These are fantastic! I love that you said Bon Joviesque... that cracked me up (and I could picture it! :)

I have indum.... all the time. :)

Jackie said...

Ryan, as long as you don't admit to wearing one of those jackets...wait, I did have one of them and wore it proudly, lol.

Sheila, the image is still burned into my head of my own brown leather fringed jacket (hence the inspiration for this word). Thanks for a great game!

Ryan G said...

Mine were jean jackets with white snake patches on the back!

Stop by and pick up an award.

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