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Guest Post: Carolyn Brown

I am very excited to present the first ever guest post on my blog! Everyone please give a warm welcome Carolyn Brown, author of Getting Lucky. (For my review, click here)

Carolyn Brown, take it away!:

Hi everyone. Thank you for letting me stop here during my blog tour to celebrate the release of Getting Lucky earlier this month. I brought the homemade cookies and sweet tea! Pull up a chair and let’s visit.

Getting Lucky is the third and final book in the Lucky Series. Luc
ky in Love came out in September of last year and One Lucky Cowboy in November. Getting Lucky is the story of Julie Donavan, a divorcee who moves from Jefferson to Saint Jo, Texas to get away from the gossip surrounding her daughter, Annie. And of Griffin Luckadeau, cousin to Slade (One Lucky Cowboy) and Beau (Lucky in Love), who has a daughter, Lizzy, the same age as Annie.

Two single parents. One running from a mistake in her past. The other one trying to get past a mistake he made in his life. Neither trusting the opposite sex. Neither looking for a relationship much less love and commitments.

So how in the great green earth did they overcame their past relationships to get on about the business of finding happy ever after in Getting Lucky?

Julie Donavan brought baggage with her from Jefferson, Texas to Saint Jo. Not only in the form of a beautiful little black haired daughter with a white streak in her hair. Along with Annie’s assortment of Barbie dolls she packed up a past that included a cheating husband, a one night stand, a divorce and a town full of gossiping people. Looking up and seeing G. Luckadeau standing before her that first day of school was like being hit by a class five tornado!


Her first thought was “Damn, he even looks better with hair.”

Her second was “What in the hell is he doing in Saint Jo, Texas?”

Her third was, “Oh, shit, what do I do now?”

The man stopped in front of her and looked down. “Hello, we are the Luckadeaus. This is my daughter, Lizzy, who will be in your class this year.”

And I’m the woman you met in Dallas six years ago? She wanted to shout at him. Remember me? I’m Red.

Griffin waited for her to finish with the little boy, his pulse racing and his heart thumping. God Almighty, he’d never been attracted to a red head before. That was his brother’s choice of women. No one told him the new kindergarten teacher was knock-down-gorgeous or that she had eyes that could see straight into his soul. Desire shot through his body or was it plain old lust? Either one was something he hadn’t allowed in a very long time and he determined he would get control of it before he spoke again.

© Carolyn Brown, Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2010

Griffin Luckadeau had no luck at all with his first wife who gave him total custody of their child Lizzy, for a “settlement” of ten thousand dollars. So he’s in Saint Jo, Texas raising his child alone, also. So even though he didn’t have to pack up his daughter’s Barbie collection, he’s got just as much baggage.

So how do they overcome their previous events and try to find trust, respect and love in a new relationship?

It’s about as easy as shoving a camel, hump first, through the eye of a sewing needle. It would have been a whole lot less difficult if the two girls hadn’t bonded immediately and wanted to be BFF’s. They might have been able to stay out of each other’s way even in a small town but that wasn’t happening with Annie wanting to spend all her time with Lizzie and Lizzie telling Annie all her deepest secrets.

Then fate jumped onto the hay wagon and began to throw both Julie and Griffin together at every possible chance. Avoiding each other was hard enough in a town with a population of less than a thousand people, but toss in a town meeting where they are on opposite sides or even the simple act of going to church and figuring out they are sitting on the same side of the church. Fate didn’t play fair either! It sent a fire and a near heart attack when they were too stubborn to admit the past and all its problems should stay in the past so the brilliant light of the future could shine.

Friends played a big part in helping them sling their past relationships into the garbage dumpster and trust their hearts. Mamie was a matchmaker.

Nellie and Ellen placed bets on when Julie and Griffin would tie the knot.

With that much help how could they continue to hang on to the past? It just wasn’t possible.

With the children showing them how to love each other and a spare child they’d taken in when his parents were picked up for drug trafficking, they finally tossed the past into the Red River and learned to trust their hearts and each other.

After all happy-ever-after depends on overcoming past relationships to find new love. New love cannot grow in the weeds of bad relationships. It needs a nice fresh heart to plant the seeds of love.

Do you like to read about people who overcome big hurdles before they finally admit that they really have found happiness?

Single mom Julie Donavan is looking for a place to start over. What she finds after buying a small house on five acres is nothing short of a nightmare.
Single dad "Lucky Griffin" Luckadeau has been crossing horns with his elderly neighbor for years. But when his daughter, Annie, decides she wants the new little girl who lives on the feuding property to be her friend, or better yet her sister, the sparks fly.
These two stubborn hotheads, who irritate each other beyond endurance, refuse to admit that it's fate that brought them together. And running from the inevitable is only going to bring a double dose of misery…

Carolyn Brown, an award-winning author who has published 36 romance novels for the library market, credits her eclectic family for her humor and writing ideas. She was born in Texas but grew up in southern Oklahoma where she and her husband, Charles, a retired English teacher, now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young. For more information, please visit

Thank you Carolyn, it's been a pleasure featuring you here on my blog!

And, to show my readers some appreciation, I'm happy to offer a copy of the Lucky trilogy ( One Lucky Cowboy, Lucky in Love, and Getting Lucky) to one of my lucky followers :-)

To enter, you must be a follower of my blog and live within the U.S. or Canada.
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Contest closes Feb. 8, 2010

Thanks to Danielle at SourceBooks for allowing me to host this awesome contest! Good Luck everyone.


Carolyn Brown said...

It's a delight to be here today and I'm honored to be your first ever guest post! And thank you so much for your stunning review. Good luck to everyone who throws their name in the bucket for the trilogy. Happy reading!
Carolyn Brown (who posted earlier but evidently didn't do something right)

Jackie said...

LOL, you did perfectly fine before, I just have my review and guest post on separate links ;-) Thanks again for everything!

fredamans said...

Welcome Carolyn, and thank you for the guest spot. Your book looks fab!


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Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

I love happily-ever-after stories :)Thanks for the guest post, this sounds like a fun read!

I tweeted!

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justamylou said...

I'm currently reading this book...It's been a hard series to put down! There is not a good place to stop and go do the dishes, laundry, etc.

Thanks for hosting Carolyn Brown...THAT'S MY MOMMA!

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pixie13 said...

These sound like nice reads. Count me in, please. Thanks!


Wanda said...
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Wanda said...

I just became a follower of your blog and would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks.

skyla11377 said...

Awesome Guest Post Carolyn. I Love HEA Stories Which It Sounds Like This Trilogy Is. I Would Love To Be Entered Into This Giveaway.

I Am A Follower Of Your Blog.

I Tweeted About This Giveaway (@skyla11377).


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Awesome! I would love to read these!

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