Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: Getting Lucky by Carolyn Brown

Getting Lucky is the third in the series of "Lucky" novels by Carolyn Brown. Julie Donavan has just moved to Saint Jo, Texas to take a position as the new teacher. But she's also using this move to escape her troubling past and is attempting to start over. Imagine her surprise on the first day of school, when someone from her past shows up with a daughter almost identical to her own yet not acknowledging their former shared experience.

For me, Getting Lucky was probably the first "cowboy romance" novel that I've read. It's full of lush characters: proud woman, handsome cowboys (of course), a few older ladies that seem to have interesting back stories themselves, as well as the joys and perils that come with living in small town Texas.

Julie and Griffin Luckadeau seem to be fighting fate at every turn, but mostly I just wanted to give them a good shake and tell them "enough already!" These were two stubborn people that, if they'd had more communication sooner, would have been easily able to resolve the differences between them. But, I suppose, that would have taken the fun out of the story.

It's an interesting ride getting to the bottom of why the two little five year-old girls that have never met could almost be twins. The whole situations leaves room for lots of speculation throughout Saint Jo and Julie being referred to as "white trash" more than a few times. This becomes a running joke in a story that's filled with lots of Southern humour.

Overall, it's a cute book that's fun to read. If you like romance novels, then Getting Lucky would be a welcome addition to your TBR list!


Carolyn Brown said...

Good morning Jackie,
WOW!!! I'm so honored to be your first ever guest post! And thank you so much for the stunning review for Getting Lucky. It's a good Monday!
Carolyn Brown

Jackie said...

Thanks for stopping by Carolyn! I was busy working on your guest post and the contest when I saw your response, lol. Everything is up and running now. I'm very happy I got the opportunity to have you on my blog. All the best, Carolyn :-)

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