Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2nd Blogoversary Celebration - Day 3

It's day 3 of my anniversary celebration, and I have one last guest post to share. Today, Mel from He Followed Me Home has agreed to share her Top 5 YA books that I really should read (and she keeps telling me this all the time ;) but haven't yet. Mel, my best friend and book cohort, has been an integral part of my blogging success. I'm not sure I would have made it these last two years without her. It is fantastic to have someone to bounce ideas off of, to share the milestones, and to enjoy the love of reading overall. (Btw, Mel is still celebrating her 2nd blogoversary with an awesome giveaway here!) Thanks Mel! And take it away:

Congratulations on two blogging years Jackie!!! You are my go to person for the fun, quirky reads (and maybe now romance?) but you know I’m a bigger sucker for YA so here are my five YA recommendations for you:

Anna and the French Kiss – I know we plan to travel o England and visit castles, but I think after you read the is we may end up heading to Paris first. A cute love story about an American girl at an American boarding school in Paris, the friends she meets and the boy she falls in love with.

Divergent –. It was a little more dark then what I read but I think it’s more up your alley.  A dystopian where people are divided into factions and the main character chooses Courage....kicks butt and jumps on moving trains! It is a big hit, everyone loves it.

Paranormalcy – You will love Kirsten White’s writing, the main character, Evie, is fun of spunk! She works for International Paranormal Containment Agency, can see through glamours, has to deal with a sneaky faery named Reth and falls for a shape-shifter. This is a cute, fun & quirky paranormal read.

Shade/Shift – a great paranormal where something has happened and the new generation can see and hear ghosts.  Arua’s boyfriend musician, Logan, dies and then she meets Zach (a Scottish hottie!!). She falls for Zach as they try to figure out the cause of the Shift but still loves Logan who has yet to cross over.

Heist Society/Uncommon Criminals – Growing up in a con family means that’s really all Kat knows. She decides to rebel, leave that world but can’t help being lured back & now uses it for good, returning stolen items back to their rightful owners. A fun, Ocean’s Eleven type series, full of scheming and break-ins with a side of romance...Hale is yummy!

Thanks so much for asking me to be part of your two year celebration, cheers to many more years to come!

I extend my deepest gratitude once again to Mel for putting up with my pestering about this guest post and for everything else she's had to endure from me. I admit that I have a couple of these books already on my shelf (because of Mel's insistance that I'll love them), but, sadly they remain unread :( That will be remedied soon, I'm sure. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, which will be my own Top 5 list...I just don't know what my topic will be, so it'll be a surprise all around, lol. And Friday is my "official" blogoversary day, which means....GIVEAWAY!!


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Ooooo, great books here! I have Divergent on my shelves but I want to get Paranormalcy and Shade and Shift. :) Thanks for the great books Mel! I know I'm on the right path with having these on my WANT list. :D Thank you!

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