Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nicole Reviews: Not Dead and Not For Sale: The Earthling Papers- A Memoir by Scott Weiland with David Ritz

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Scott Weiland is my most favourite musical artist of all time.  When I found his book sitting on the biography table at Chapters, I knew that I had to have it.  My birthday was the next day, so I told my husband that this book was the one thing that I truly wanted.  As always, he came through- and now it has become one of the most cherished books on my book case.
To me, Scott and the band STP represent my youth.  I was introduced to their music over 15 years ago, and I was an instant fan.  Scott's lyrics are honest and deep, and the band's music is out of this world.  I fell in love with Scott right away.  I find it funny that now, in my thirties I still have my teenage crush on him.  I know that he has made many wrong choices and through the writings of this book, he is the first to admit them.

Scott's memoir is a brief overview.  It was a quick, raw and honest look into his life.  I wanted to see more depth, but understandably he was reserved, as his life has been plastered in the media.  I mean everything has been out on display for years.  That is what happens when you are a rock star, and find yourself deep in trouble.

Through this book, I came to realize that Scott did in fact have a hard life.  Even though he was given all the riches of celebrity, he still suffered personal heart ache and tragedy.  That would rock anyone to their core.  I really felt for him when he wrote about his family's struggles and his personal downfalls, before and during his career.  When he is high, he is at his extreme and when he falls, he falls really deep.  But when Scott loves... he loves hard and fights to keep it. 

Throughout this book, Scott would throw inserts of his songs in.  I would find myself singing the words and then singing the entire song.  As I would sing, I realized that his life's tragedies, blessings, and everything in between was put into each album.

I went to the Stone Temple Pilots concert last summer.  It was the best show that I have ever seen.( I am a bit bias though. ;))  I was so excited to be in the same room as him and the band... and get this only a few feet away.(My heart still flutters) The energy that he gave off was powerful and I felt that same energy in some of the chapters in this book.  Scott seems to be at the point in his life where he is now taking ownership of the choices he has made.  Now he seems to understand the impact this has made on himself, his career, and everyone else in his life.  I only wish him good things for him for the rest of his life.

Scott is a rock icon, and has always and will always be my favourite front man to my favourite band.



Melissa (My words and pages) said...

You know I didn't even know he had a book out. Hm. Interesting. Thanks for sharing this one! And they are a great band. :)

Jackie said...

@Melissa - The book has a really cool layout with lots of pictures and, as Nicole mentioned, all the song lyrics. I really want to read this one now...and I usually don't like bios, lol.

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