Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Author signing and contest winner!

On March 3, 2010, I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa McMann, author of Wake, Fade, and Gone as well as Becca Fitzpatrick, author of Hush, Hush for a reading and signing. These were 2 very cool authors. We got to hear a bit from Lisa's new book, that's yet to be released and Becca read from Hush, Hush (nope, nothing from Crescendo though, sigh.)

Here is a pic of me and Mel from He Followed Me Home with the authors...still makes me giddy, lol.

This brings me to my contest winner:

I was offering up an ARC of Hush, Hush for my 100+ follower contest but was lacking in follow through when it came to drawing the winner. I apologize profusely for this!

I have remedied this today and announce the winner as.... Erin from Bookish in a Box ! Congrats to Erin! And to make up for my inexcusable delay, I had Becca sign the ARC while I was at the above signing. Does this make up for things? I sure hope so :-)


InABox said...

100%! Signed books are awesome. :-D

淑君淑君 said...
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Jackie said...

Thanks, Erin :-)

fredamans said...

Congrats Erin!

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