Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have you ever...(3)

As a collector of books, though probably still within amateur ranks compared to some, I usually purchase my reading material (besides those I receive as review copies). Recently, I've been faced with the scary fact that I'm running out of room to store and display my books, which truly saddens me. In an effort to conserve space...I've asked my daughter when she'll be moving out but she says, "Mom, I only 9!", so her room won't be available for another decade....I've acquired a library card. Ok, more than one library card; I like having options.

So, I've begun, slowly, borrowing books from the library. But I am really bad at returning the items or fitting them into my reading schedule. I want to read these books, I really do, but sometimes, I just can't get it done!
Worse still are the penalties charged for my tardiness. Am I alone in this bad habit?

Have you ever: Returned a library book late (even after several extensions) without having read it? Matching poll is on the right blog bar but please feel free to comment below. Your admissions may help to quell my own guilty conscience :-)


Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

And that is why I avoid he library...the deadline & rush to read just doesn't work for me. Last year mine even added a fee if you put a book on hold but don't come to pick it up :o

Jackie said...

@Mel - Now that's where all my fees would accumulate. I'm forever putting stuff on hold and forgetting to pick them up :-o

Laura (The Zealous Reader) said...

All the time! I just returned 3 overdue books yesterday I didn't read. I always have the best intentions but even after renewing two or three times I can't always fit them all in. I usually go back to get them in a couple weeks and try again though.

Jenny N. said...

Happens to me all the time. I probably shouldn't be going to the library in the first place since I have review books and a ton of books I have bought and have yet to read. There's a public library up the block from where I live and practically everyday I have to wait in front of the library to take transit so it gets very tempting to not go inside and take a peek.

pattepoilue said...

LMAO poor Justin Bieber lover daughter !I don't want to scare you but I'm 25(and a few months) and STILL living at my parents' LOL

I don't borrow books from the library because they don't have books in English. Or even books I like in French...they just suck. But when i was younger I used to take books from library and while I never got them back late I very often gave them back without having read them =P

I think the best way for you to go is digital. It's not the same I admit, I still get my favorites in print anyway but at least it slows the way my shelves are getting crowded

Jackie said...

@Laura - I keep telling myself that I'll go back, but I've had to put a hold on borrowing again to clear up review titles. Ah well, best intentions is right... :D

@Jenny - It's probably slightly safer in front of the library than in front of a book store, though, right? lol.

@Caro - Well, she tells me now she's NEVER leaving home, so I'll just need a bigger home *g*. I'm curious now to see what types of books your library DOES have in French! I have this one at home, a remnant of my school days. I would be more accepting of the digital format (temporarily, till I get my castle with its grand library in it) if I had a colour e-reader or an iPad :)

pattepoilue said...

Teehee yes you need a castle for sure!
I've never heard of this book! lol.
Well they have mostly 'real' literature *roll eyes* , classics, french authors, serious fiction..BORING!!

Jackie said...

@Caro - That's a bummer! Anyway, I'm keeping my eye out for a bargain basement castle, maybe a fixer upper? LOL.

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