Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Have you ever...(4)

It was no joke when I named my blog "My Ever Expanding Library". I still have books from when I was ten years old! But the need to 'beautify' my library has been a more recent pursuit for me. I've felt a greater need to have all hardcover books, with matching heights and so on. This has caused a bit of an issue with all of the mismatches from my earlier reading days.

I have all of David Eddings' books. I initially bought them in paperback, when I first discovered them, then as new books were released, I purchased the hardcovers. So, last year I managed to pick up an anthology of The Belgariad series in hardcover that would look better on the shelf beside the rest of the books. Why is it, then, that I can't seem to part with my original paperback copies? Which brings me to ask you, my readers:

Have you ever: Bought a book that you already owned so you could have a set in the same format? (HC/PB) (and still kept the original book!)


Laura (The Zealous Reader) said...

Never! I've thought about replacing my ARCs with real copies, especially for series like the Mortal Instruments where I have ARCs of the first 3 but not of the next . I don't really mind if things don't match as long as I have a complete series (It's so hard to find just The Goblet of Fire!)

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten *that* far yet :) it bugs me sometimes because I have HP and some of them are the US pretty covers, and the others are the ugly crappy Canadian ones. So yes I'm tempted to just rebuy the whole thing so they all match. I'd get rid of the other ones though I'm not the type to just keep two books of the same. Which is probably a good thing :D

Jenners said...

Umm...nope. I don't think so ... other than buying a paperback (for my son) and hardback (for me) versions of the Harry Potter books. (And he STILL isn't ready for them yet. ARGH). I usually try to save and buy books I haven't read since I "theoretically" have a budget for book buying. (My husband would be appalled if he knew how many books I've snuck in. Sssshhh.)

And I love that you organize by height. I do that too as much as possible. There are some weird sized books out there though that just drive me nuts!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Ha, ha ha.... Do you really want me to answer this? Yes. I've been know to do this to keep my series in similar formats. But I try to wait for the paperback, or buy all at the hardcover stage. It's really an obsession I think these days. One I need to not worry about, but I don't like when I have different size books beside each other. Kind of messes with the order looking thing. ;) Great question!

Wings said...

I hate hardbacks, so I try to buy all paperbacks anyway (it also helps that I'm cheap lol. I had the vampire academy series in paperback but the fifth book was in hardcover...it annoyed me for over a year before I found a paperback copy lol.

I like the look of my budding library though, ordered chaos is what I go for because I can triple stack my shelves and I rarely stand them upright but rather make towers of books :)

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