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Nicole Reviews: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

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Generally when I pick a novel, I like to read ones that have a light and "fluffy" plot, with easy characters.  I like to escape into their fictional world.  So naturally when Jackie asked me to review FORBIDDEN, I was more than a bit hesitant.  I read the brief overview on the back (which I almost never do), and truthfully the thought of reading this book made my stomach turn.  Then I gave myself a shake, and thought that there is nothing wrong with reading something outside of my comfort zone.  I am sure glad that I did because the minute I started reading this book I was hooked.  I have one word to describe this book, and it is ... FANTASTIC!!!

    The author did a wonderful job connecting me with these characters and their world.  She made me feel as though I was witnessing their struggles first hand. I wanted to wrap my arms around each one of these kids and tell them that everything was going to be alright. 
"... I didn't take the photo from my room.  Perhaps Maya will remember it and keep it safe.  But I can't help hoping she'll cut off the two adults at either end of the bench and just keep the five children sandwiched in the middle.  Because ultimately, that was the family that we became." (pg.417  Lochan)

    Their lives were constant work, in a dark world with no support.  I really enjoyed Lochan- he was the book for me.  Still now, after finishing the book, I want to cry when I think of this character.  My heart aches for him.  He was the dream child,the wonderful brother and friend, and most devoted and supportive partner anyone could ask for.  A real diamond in the rough...a very beautiful person.(oops- I mean character)  Don't get me wrong, Maya was equally wonderful, but there was just something about Lochan that stole my heart.

    The day to day struggle that these characters had to endure, is something that I wish no one should have to go through.  Their love and devotion to not only each other, but their family was very powerful.
"I want them back, I want my children back.  I miss them, the pain like a hole in my heart.  They were so excited to go that I didn't even have time to hug them.  I never got to say goodbye."  (pg.411  Lochan)

    I thought that I was going to be grossed out from the beginning to the end, but it was the complete opposite.  I forgot that they were brother and sister, and only thought of them as two people in a relationship that was completely forbidden in society. The last chapter and the epilogue, were the most heart wrenching and moving fictional writings that I have ever read.  It was a powerful story about love, devotion, trust and honour.  I couldn't put it down.  Every chapter got better and better. 

    This novel will stay with me, in my heart for many years.  It struck a cord with me, and I hope that anyone that gets a chance to read this can.  I believe that I now have a new favourite author.  Tabitha did a great job writing this book, and I must say that it was a wonderful reading experience. 
"In the end we were the ones who loved each other, who struggled and fought to stay together.  And it was enough, more than enough."  (pg.417  Lochan)




Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

It's such a taboo subject, sounds like the author nailed the story though. I too was nervous, but it appears to be a powerful read!

Jackie said...

@Mel - I think as parents, we feel the issues, when talking about kids & their struggles, that much more. This probably added to all of our reluctance. But Nicole made it through and says she's looking for more books by Ms. Suzuma in the future :) Superior writing (in the character development area) outweighed the taboos).

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh wow. Great review. I've not been sure about this one and have found myself bypassing it as I didn't know if it would be one I would like. Thanks for the great review.

Jackie said...

@Melissa - I think if you're in the mood for teen-angst, real-life twists, and lots of tears, this would be a great book to pick up.

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